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Wednesday, February 28th at 6pm at Tartu College, Kristen Dobbin's and Toomas Volkmann's photo exhibits Two Edges of a Lifespan will be opened. This exhibition presents the perspectives on Estonian identity in Toronto's tight-knit diaspora community from two ends of a lifespan. Kristen Dobbin's nostalgic series on Estonian summer camp, Jõekääru, documents young campers exploring their culture and identity, while highlighting a diaspora institution in transition. Toomas Volkmann's triptychs portray Estonian-Canadians born in Estonia in the early years of the Republic, between 1918 and 1923, alongside personal reflections on their lives spent in two countries. The exhibit celebrates the Republic of Estonia's 100th birthday.

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In Estonian and English.
No admission fee. A small donation would be appreciated.
Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., t. 416 925 9405

The photograher and curator of the first exhibit is the young Canadian-Estonian anthropologist and photographer Kristen Dobbin. In the summer of 2017, Kristen photographed the children and youth who attended the summer camp Jõekääru located in Ontario. At Jõekääru, Estonian children from Canada, the USA, and Estonia get together. This has been one of the environments for Canadian-Estonian children to learn the language and culture of Estonia for 65 years. Kristen has a personal connection to the camp: her grandmother was the camp cook for many years, but since Kristen doesn't speak Estonian, she couldn't attend the camp. Now, times have changed, and children with weaker Estonian or those who don't speak at all are all welcome. The photos that capture Jõekääru's 65th anniversary reflect the persistence of the summer camp's traditions as well as the changes that have taken place in camp life.

The second exhibit tells the story of Toronto Estonians who are the same age as the Republic of Estonia. The photographer Toomas Volkmann captured the portraits of Toronto Estonians ages 95-100, primarily living at the retirement home Ehatare, in September 2017. The exhibit displays the photos alongside texts compiled from interviews, which summarize each person's life experience, advice for younger generations, and wishes for Estonia's Centennial.

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