Where our history lives on! ERM 100Silmapaari 850 0506
Exhibit on display: 22.09.2018-14.01.2019

Exhibit open: Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm, during events, and upon request.
Tartu College, 310 Bloor St. W., Toronto (entrance on Madison Ave.).
Contact: Piret Noorhani, 416 925 9405

Eesti keeles: Näitus Eesti läbi 100 silmapaari

The project gives a visual overview of Estonia's story told by 100 Estonians and Estonian-spirited people ages 100 to 1 year, through their portraits, eyes, and emotions. The oldest - 100-year-old - was born the same year as the Republic of Estonia, in 1918. The youngest was born on February 24, 2017. There is only one person for each year of the Republic of Estonia! In parallel with the portraits, we introduce the country of Estonia, as a place, where we are from, and where we live. This way, views of the most well-known Estonian places (the Old Town of Tallinn), buildings (farmhouses), emotions (the song festival), accomplishments (e-Estonia), phenomena (bogs) are also portrayed. This gives those who do not know Estonia well, an idea of our country's culture, nature, technical accomplishments, cuisine, and traditions. The two visuals, the portraits and atmosphere, are tied together by short texts in Estonian and English.

Idea and concept: Kaire van der Toorn-Guthan and Toomas Volkmann
Exhibition curator: Kaire van der Toorn-Guthan

Portraits: Toomas Volkmann
Photos of Estonian atmospheres: Tõnu Runnel and Tõnu Tunnel

Text: Tiiu Suvi, Piret Jaaks, Mirjam Matiisen, Helina Piip
Translation into English: Ingrid Hübscher, Triin Tael, Silja Ild

Exhibition producers in Toronto: Piret Noorhani, Taavi Tamtik, Marika Mayfield / VEMU

Graphic design: Kaire van der Toorn-Guthan
Exhibit soundscape: Sven Sosnitski

Exhibit print and materials: Erick Vandergeest, gawck
Studio tech: 35 mm

Make-up: Liis Piksar, Nele Raudik, Arlin Saan, Katrin Rosen, Kristiina Nurmhein, Katrin Sangla

The exhibition is accompanied by a book.


Eesti 100 RGB 300dpiVEMU HEADER


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310 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, M5S 1W4 CANADA
The registered charity number is 80412 0020 RR0001