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The map on the poster shows the now imaginary borderline between what was Eestimaa and Liivimaa. This is why, when you use the word "Eestimaa" instead of "Eesti," you are actually referring to the onetime Governorate or Duchy of Estonia, "which was a governorate of the Russian Empire in what is now northern Estonia. The Govornorate was gained by the Russian Empire from Sweden during the Great Northern War in 1721. Until the late 19th century, the governorate was administered independently by the local Baltic German nobility through a Landtag or feudal Regional Council" (Wikipedia). So "Eestimaa" is actually a historical term, yet often still used today when referring poetically and sweepingly to "the land that is Eesti..."





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Saturday, March 4th in the hall of Tartu College, the Baltic Imprints Snapshot Stories collaborative project exhibit Sharing Our Stories: The Baltic Diaspora at Home in Canada opened.




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On Friday, February 24th, 2017 a flag raising ceremony for Estonia's 99th Independence Day took place at Toronto's City Hall. A celebratory afternoon coffee and Estonian President's Independence Day Reception viewing took place at Tartu College following the event.





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On Saturday, January 21st 2017, a large number of people gathered to participate in the exciting and eventful evening at Tartu College.





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I was slightly apprehensive before arriving at the improvisation comedy workshop, since you never know what you will be asked to do. But then again, the fun in attempting to something new is the thrill of the unknown.





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